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Net Cop - Anti Virus and Anti Spyware Software

NetCop offers maximum strength security and protects your home or network environment from malicious spyware and keylogger applications that secretly record your online activity.

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Net Cop offers maximum strength security and protects you from keyloggers and spyware that track your computer and internet activity. Although is similar product to SpyCop, NetCop System Shield, gives 24 hour protection. With NetCop installed you can rest assured your privacy will not be invaded.

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Net Cop System Shield is a revolutionary new spyware detection and removal application that offers around the clock protection to home and corporate users. NetCop offers maximum strength security and protects your home or networked environment from malicious spyware and keylogger applications that secretly record your online activity. Net Cop offers the highest quality protection for all Pc users.

  • Preemptive Scanning Netcop System Shield utilizes advanced analyzing techniques which capture requests to open a file, it then scans the file and determines if it's safe to run on your system. Unlike other competing products, NetCop terminates the process on spyware applications before they get the chance to run!
  • File Quarantine NetCop System Shield provides an option to remove spyware from your computer and quarantine it. The malicious application will be compressed and stored in a safe place on your computer, ensuring it will do no more harm! A quarantined file can be analyzed more closely. Product specific information is available for all products detected or quarantined by NetCop.
  • Product Specific Information NetCop System Shield offers detailed information for you regarding the spyware it detects. Unlike many other competiting products, NetCop delivers the information you need to investigate the origin of the product detected.
  • Database Inclusion Netcop System Shield offers a large growing database of spyware and keylogger applications that are included in our detection routine. Rest assured if a spyware product is brought to our attention, our detection team will add it to our ever growing database!
  • 24 Hour Protection With System Shield Active, you need not run a system scan everyday like other Anti-Spy products. NetCop System Shield is always watching over your computer, keeping you protected while you're away, using your computer, or even asleep!
  • Automated Updates NetCop System Shield provides automated updates. With automated updates you will receive product upgrades and new spyware definitions added to our detection routine. Your protection will always remain current no matter what version you are running. When new upgrades or new spyware definitions are available your System Shield will notify you, and prompt you of these updates.
  • Free Unlimited Support Your License of NetCop System Shield comes with unlimited technical support. Our support team will trouble shoot or answer any questions or problems you may encounter. Our support team is available around the clock 24-7 for all licensed users.
  • Free Upgrades All Licensed users receive free upgrades on any minor build of NetCop System Shield. For example, if you buy NetCop System Shield 1.0, you get free updates until NetCop System Shield 2.0 becomes available. All licensed users will receive discounted pricing, (25% off), on major build upgrades.
  • Spyware Reporting NetCop System Shield sends reports of spyware detected on user machines to our web server in order to help create usage statistics on each piece of spyware that is on the market, helping to more accurately interpret a threat level. Keeping you informed about how much of a threat each individual piece is to your computer!
Net Cop - Spyware and Keylogger Protection
Anti Virus and Anit Spyware Software
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