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Remote Agent - Stealth Remote PC Monitoring

Remote Agent is one of the most powerful surveillance and monitoring solutions for home or office use. This easy-to-use spy software allows you to monitor and record everything that happens on your computer and allows you to remotely watch that recording from any other Internet-connected computer in the world!

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Keystrokes Typed Recording

Remote Agent provides what many consider to be the BEST key logger on the market, recording each keystroke by application, date & time, and by user.

View ScreenshotSo with Remote Agent, you will know EXACTLY what was typed, where and when it was typed, and you will also know WHO typed it because Remote Agent keeps a record of who is logged into the computer. This also means that all keystrokes are recorded along with their application name so you can know what was entered in a word processing document, email client, spreadsheet or web page.

Remote Agent also gives you detailed information about the application where the text was typed, like file name & class name of the application, and title text in the current window.

Remote Agent also has an advanced and intelligent "watch list" system; if a keyword is typed you get an instant alert SMS or Email!

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Websites Visited Recording

Remote Agent has an advanced web site recording system, which saves each web page that is accessed by the Internet browser on the computer. It does not matter if the Internet History log of your web browser is cleared and deleted - Remote Agent will capture each web site visited anyway and save a record of the web site addresses chronologically for your review. Also for each web site address saved, you will see WHEN the user visited the web page and WHO the user is.

View ScreenshotMany times the actual Internet address doesn't say much about what the web page really is about and in those cases just having the Internet address isn't enough. Therefore Remote Agent also saves the window Title of each web page which in most cases gives you a much more detailed description of what the web page is about.

On your web account you have a “quick link” for each web page that was accessed if you want to visit the web page by yourself in a fast way.

With Remote Agents advanced Web Site recording, you will get an exact picture of each person's web surfing.

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Chat Conversation Recording

Remote Agent uses a special feature to record both sides of an Instant Message (IM) or chat conversation. This gives you total control and picture of the chat conversations made on the computer. No conversations will ever be lost!

View ScreenshotRemote Agent works with all leading chat software (ICQ version 2003, Microsoft Messenger (MSN) version 6.x & version 7.0, and Yahoo Chat version 5) and will always do its best to keep updated with the latest versions and trends of each chat software.

As a special feature for Microsoft Messenger, each icon that appears in the conversation (smiley’s etc) will be translated into text to give you all information you need to get a picture of the current emotion of the conversation.

Also for each chat conversation, you will get information about WHEN the conversation was started, and by WHOM. To give you all possible information about the chat conversation the windows title is also be saved.

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Program Used Recording

Remote Agent records EVERY program and detailed information about the program run on the computer you are monitoring.

View ScreenshotFor each program, Remote Agent will capture the name of the person who used the program, when the program was started and the windows title. You will also see the file name of the program so you know in what file the program resides. If you really want to investigate the program used, Remote Agent saves you the class name of the window as well.

Because Remote Agent keeps track of other information, such as keyboard, You can easily determine whether a program is being actively used or not. Is your employee really working in MS Words if he/she only typed a few words during the whole day? Are your children really doing their homework?

As a special feature, your web account is integrated with Google search engine, to help you get an understanding of the purpose of the program. This will help you when there is a program you don't recognize to get an immediately response and detailed information about the program. Is the program a violent computer game? Is it an online casino game? Or is it just a new text editor?’s integration with Google will give you the answer!

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Snapshot Recording

Remote Agent is just like a hidden surveillance camera pointed directly at your PC monitor, recording away anything done whether the user is online or offline, and storing this on your web account. Before the picture is sent to your web account it is encrypted and compressed with advance algorithms.

View ScreenshotOn your web account you can specify EXACTLY WHEN you want to have a snapshot from the user's screen. For instance you can specify to get a snapshot from the screen when the user types the text “sex” or “my boss”. Or to get a snapshot when the text "xxx" appears in the web address or the windows title. You can use any "action word" you want in your own native language.

That means you can get detailed visual recordings of all chat conversations, instant messages, emails typed, all web sites visited, all programs run, all keystrokes typed – everything they do on the computer and on the Internet.

Is your child having secret chat conversations with adult strangers when you are not at home? What motives do the strangers have? Maybe they are good, but maybe they are bad, and you need to know. Remote Agent can take pictures of the chats and let you see exactly what they are discussing.

Is your spouse viewing pornography online while you are asleep, or engaging in cyber sex when they know you disapprove? Remote Agent can show you in EXACT VISUAL detail every web site they visit, every picture they view, and every chat room they visit.

Remote Agent’s snapshot recording is simply the most powerful way to record and review everything they do on the Internet.

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Keyword Detection
Remote Agent uses the most advanced Keyword Detection and Notification system on the market. Create your own list of "action words" and Remote Agent will secretly monitor keyboard typing, URLs, web pages and chat conversations for these offending words or phrases.

View ScreenshotWhen a keyword or phrase is detected, Remote Agent has the ability to perform the following actions:

- Send you an SMS alert message to your mobile phone! Remote Agent is the only Internet recording software supporting this!

- Send you an Email message.

- Take a snapshot of the screen.

For each offending word your Remote Agent founds it will collects information regarding the offense and sends you an instant keyword alert message with the following information: - The keyword that was detected - The time the keyword was detected - The name of your Remote Agent - In some cases also additional detailed information (Example: the URL where the keyword was found).

You tell your Remote Agent on your web account which words and phrases to watch out for - for example, "sex," "phone number," "where do you live," "are your parents home," "is your wife sleeping," "I hate my boss" - whatever YOU decide to include. On your web account you also tell your remote Agent where to send the INSTANT ALERTS (you specify your mobile phone number and/or email address).

Then, when the person using the computer TYPES in one of these words or phrases, or when they are chatting and one of these words comes up, Remote Agent takes IMMEDIATE action and sends you an SMS or email alert message letting you know exactly what is happening so you can take action.

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Intelligent Filter System
Remote Agent not only acts as a powerful spy software solution, but also as a content filtering tool. Recording Filter Levels are a powerful feature to help you to save only the recording information you are interested, that is, no duplicate and unnecessary records.

View ScreenshotApplying filter to your Remote Agent will result in that smaller recording packages is sent from your computer to your web account. This, in turn, will not only lead to reduced use of bandwidth, but also reduced use of Space on your web account. Say your user surfs into the web site '' 20 times during one day - do you really want record '' all those 20 times? No matter what you prefer Remote Agent provides you the flexibility to set up the Filter Levels exactly as you want.

Remote Agent provides you with 3 types of Filter Levels for web sites visited and applications used:

1) High Filter Level
Record only websites and applications that haven't been recorded anytime before. Once your Remote Agent has recorded a specific website or an application it will never record it again.

(no duplicates).

2. Medium Filter Level (default)
Record only websites and applications that haven't been recorded before during the same day. Once your Remote Agent has recorded a specific website or application it will not record it again during the same day.

(no duplicates during the same day)

3. No Filter

Record all websites and applications no matter how many times it has been recorded before.

So if you want to get rid of duplicate and unnecessary records for your “Web Sites” and “Applications” used, log into your web account and click on “Settings” -> “My Agent”, and apply the filtering levels you want.

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Hot Key Access
Normally your Remote Agent is completely hidden and unreachable for the common user on the computer where it run. However, there might be cases when the person who installed Remote Agent, wants to activate the program.

To activate Remote Agent's Option dialog on the computer where it run, you can use your secret Hot Key. This is done by following these 2 steps:

1. Start any text editor you like. E.g. Notepad, MS Word, WordPad or similar.

2. Type in your Remote Agent serial key number followed by '.INFOPATROL.COM' in one sequence (with NO backspaces, arrows etc). If you type wrong key somewhere you will have to rewrite your serial key number followed by '.INFOPATROL.COM' again. Note case sensitive.

For security reasons, your serial key code is a 15 digits number, and in a combination with the text '.INFOPATROL.COM' is it almost impossible for anyone to guess, or typing your Hot Key by accident.

With Remote Agent Hot Key Access you can be sure that no one except you can activate your Remote Agent!

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Easy To Install & Use
Remote Agent was designed and developed to be as is as easy as possible for novice users to install and use, but at the same time have all the flexibility and configuration options to suit the more advanced user.

After you have completed the purchase of Remote Agent you will get a download link (where you may download your Remote Agent copy) and an unique serial key number emailed to you.

To install and get started with Remote Agent it cannot get any easier.

To install your Remote Agent on a computer:
1. Run the installation file by double-clicking on the installation file ‘Remote Agent Setup.exe’.
2. Type in your Remote Agent serial key number (the serial key number was emailed to you when you completed the ordering process).
3. Depending if you already have an account you might have to create an account during installation. If you already have an existing account you just have to confirm your user name and password for your account.
4. Choose if you want to start Remote Agent immediately or next time the computer starts.

Done! Remote Agent is now installed and running.

Now – to see all the recording information your Remote Agent sends to your web account, just surf into and login with your user name and password.

It doesn’t get any easier than this!

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Record By User ID
Remote Agent provides you the ability to record all information by the current logged in Windows user.

This is means that for each keystroke typed, website visited, application used etc. you will always see the user that was currently logged in for each recorded activity.

This is especially useful if you have a computer where more than one user uses it.

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Secure & Reliable

Remote Agent was designed to meet our customer’s requirement of a highly secure and reliable application. Remote Agent offers several security features that protect the program and recorded data, and is using the latest security standards available.

Stealth Mode
Remote Agent is completely hidden application. It will not appear in the Windows Desktop, Task Manager or in any other Menu so you cannot see it.

Communication Encryption
All information that is sent from your Remote Agent to your web account, are using advanced encryption and communication protocols that are of the same standard as those used for stock trade over the Internet.

This also includes when you are web surfing at your user account, which using the same advanced encryption and communication protocols.

File Encryption
All recorded data that is saved locally when the user is offline is using advanced encryption technology.

Hidden Files
All files on the computer where Remote Agent run is hidden from the user.

Password Protection
Your web account will be protected by your personal user name and password, so no one except you can use your account.

Hot Key Access
Your Remote Agent is protected by a your unique Hot Key code. See more here

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Helpful Support

We strongly believe that a good customer support is essential and a fundamental cornerstone in our business strategy.

Our goal is to have 100% customer satisfaction!

- Technical Support 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

- Answers and fixes normally within 24 hours on business days and 48 hours on weekends.

- Knowledgeable and Helpful Support Staff.

- Real-time help is instantly available within your web account at If you want to know what something does or what something means, the real-time help will tell you!

- An extensive user manual is also available with more in-depth information and examples. Read it online as you work or print it out for future reference.

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SMS & Email Alerts

Do you want to get a SMS alert message to your mobile phone when your family member or employee is visiting an adult website?

Do you want to get an SMS alert message to your mobile phone when your child is having a chat conversation with a stranger?

As the only Internet recording software in the world InfoPatrol Remote Agent now offers you the capability to send you SMS alert messages to your mobile phone when the user:

- Types certain words that you rank as high-risk words.

- Visits websites that contain certain words that you rank as high risk.

- Is having a chat conversation that contains certain words.

- Open programs where certain words appear in the Window title.

No matter where you are in world - InfoPatrol can send SMS to almost any country - you will get an alert message from InfoPatrol in less than 1-3 minutes with information about what the user did and how he/she did it. All this is fully customized and you can easily change your SMS settings while your Remote Agent is working - InfoPatrol takes care of all the magic to tell your Remote Agent about your new SMS alarm words you want to track. It cannot get any more powerful than this!

As an alternative to SMS you can also get alert email messages sent to your email address. Of course, all email sent is completely invisible for all firewalls and will leave no trace. NOTE: Instead of figuring out each word you want an SMS or email for, you can use our Predefined Keywords Set.

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Remote Control offers you a unique remote control of your Remote Agent from your web account. Once you have installed your Remote Agent on the computer you will never have to be near that computer again – all recording information will be secretly saved to your web account, and you will have total control of your Remote Agent!

Even if you are thousands of miles away Remote Agent will record everything they do on the Internet - all keystrokes typed, web sites visited, chat conversations etc - and secretly save this information to your web account. All you have to do is just to log on to your web account and see all information coming in from your Remote Agent LIVE & ONLINE and everything is highly secure.

Inside your InfoPatrol web account you can also remote control exactly what information your Remote Agent should look for - you can even uninstall your Remote Agent from your web account without having physical access to the computer the Remote Agent is running on!’s remote solution is perfectly suited for you who want to have full control and see everything they do on the Internet even when you are away on holiday, at work or similar.

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Predefined Keyword Sets

Remote Agent takes Keyword Detection feature one-step further as providing you with “Predefined Keyword Sets”, which is a long list of high-risk words grouped into logical keyword sets.

Creating keywords by yourself can be a time-consuming and difficult task. For example – say you want to get an SMS alert message when your user is surfing into websites with pornographic material. If you create your own keywords you will have many hours in front of you to come up all the possible pornographic-related words that might appear on the website. To avoid this you can use one of’s Predefined Keyword Sets.

View ScreenshotAt your web account you will have a list of Predefined Keyword Sets where each set is covering a certain subject with hundreds of words related to that specific subject. If you decide to use one our Predefined Keyword Sets, your Remote Agent will look for all the keywords in that specific set, and send you an SMS and/or email alert message if a keyword was found.

For instance – let say you have logged in to your web account and chosen, via a simple click on your web account, to use our Predefined Keyword Set "Pornography & Sex" which contains hundreds of words related to the subject "Pornography & Sex". This in turn will send an instruction to your Remote Agent to look for "Pornography & Sex" related words in:

- All keystrokes typed - Chat conversations - Websites visited (web address & windows title) - Programs used (windows title)

And now let say that the user, at the computer where Remote Agent is installed, is surfing in to a pornographic website where the word "sex" appears in the web address. This will be IMMEDIATELY discovered by your Remote Agent, which will send you an SMS and/or email alert message with the following information:

- The keyword that was detected - The time the keyword was detected - The name of your Remote Agent offers you a several different Predefined Keyword Sets, but if there is any subject you think we are missing, please tell us!

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Predefined Actions

Remote Agent not only provides you with ability to use Predefined Keywords, but also to use one or more of our Predefined Actions. These are actions that we believe that you might be interested to know when they occur. Depending on what you want, for each Predefined Action that occurs you will get either an alert message by SMS to you mobile phone, and/or an alert message by email. All alert messages are sent immediately when the action occur!

You select which Predefined Actions you are interested in, by a single click on your web account. This in turn will send instructions to your Remote Agent about what Predefined Actions you want to use.

For example: One of our Predefined Actions is "User Online Login" which will occur when either when the user goes online on the Internet, or becomes active after has been inactive for more than 1 hour. So when the user goes online again you will get an alert SMS message directly to your mobile phone, or to you email inbox, telling you this. This is perfect if you want to now immediately when the user starts using the computer!

With Remote Agent Predefined Actions you will get instant notifications directly to your mobile phone or email inbox when important events occur!

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Your Own Web Account

Once you have completed the order process of Remote Agent you will have created your own personal web account with your own user login name and password.

After you have installed Remote Agent on your target computer, your web account will be the central point for you. You may say that your web account is like a "window" into the computer where Remote Agent runs, and like a control panel where you tell your Remote Agent exactly what do. From here you will have see all recording information and will have full control over what your Remote Agent is doing.
If you want more than one Remote Agent on your web account, you can easily purchase more Remote Agents whenever you want. In fact, you may have as many Remote Agents as you want on your account - you can easily switch between your agents inside your web account.

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