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Are you worried that your child might be doing naughty things on the Internet? Curious children often perform searches for sexually-explicit content. They think you will never know. But they are wrong.
What does YOUR spouse do online? Is Your Spouse Having a Cyber Affair?
Have you suspected that your spouse is cheating on you? Just what are they doing on the PC for so long when you aren't around? They clean their tracks to hide it. But they can't hide anymore.
What does YOUR employee do online? Is Your Employee Working or Playing?
Have you noticed a drop in productivity? Your employee(s) may be goofing off when you aren't around. Do they play games or chat when they are supposed to be working? Now you can know the TRUTH.

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What are your children seeing on MySpace?
Monitor your children on MySpace

We are the leading source for computer and network keystroke monitoring utilities (key loggers), remote install key loggers and network monitoring spyware. Government agencies, businesses, organization and individuals who need to monitor or protect their PCs, network and data trust our software. We carry the highest quality, best supported and most competitively priced Keyloggers and Anti keyloggers on the web, including PC remote key loggers.

SniperSpy - Remote Keylogger Spy SoftwareThe Latest in Remote Install Monitoring!

SniperSpy  software remotely installs to your computer through email. Unlike the other remote spy titles on the market, SniperSpy fully and completely bypasses the Windows XP Firewall.

With Remote Install Feature!
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Invisible key logger - Record all keystrokes typed, chat conversations and emailsThe Internet's best Key logger Goes Remote!

Record all keystrokes typed, chat conversations, email, desktop activity and more with the most powerful stealth surveillance application offered anywhere!

Now with Powerful Remote Capabilities!!
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Our keystroke logger products will allow you to record and view every keystroke they make (including hidden keystrokes) sometime even from a remote location! Some of our most popular basic keystroke logging software are Keylog Pro, KeyCaptor and Invisible Keylogger.

We strive to deliver great pc recording software at affordable prices, backed up by the fastest and most accurate support in the business.

Remote PC Keyloggers What are your Kids Doing Online?
Could your husband be cheating?
Remote PC Key loggers Are Your Employees Goofing off online when they should be working?

Need to Monitor the Company Network?
Try SpyTech NetVizor.


Computer key loggers, Remote PC Keystroke Recorders

What are Key loggers?
Key logging Programs ( remote keyloggers, key loggers, keystroke loggers, key recorders, key trappers, key capture programs, etc.) also belong to the same group of tools that monitor user activity on the machine level. It records such information as every keystroke, including the system keys. Installing a key logger onto a PC is a relatively simple procedure; it may be installed like any other software, or it may be installed as a Trojan or Virus.

The main feature of pc key logger is to capture every word and letter typed into a computer and save it for you to view at any time. REFOG is by far the most popular keylogger software. Not only keystrokes from Windows applications, but also from Windows DOS box! You can also view startup and shutdown time of computer, process names, windows titles, and more.

Some Key loggers can be remotely deployable such as Realtime Spy. This means you can send and install the spyware from a remote location.

All Key logger programs keep records of all computer keystrokes typed on the keyboard. The recording process is totally transparent to the end user. All computer key logging programs are intended to record a computer user's keystrokes for the purpose of monitoring computer activity.

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